Signaling and audio analysis of a STM-1 link, both optical and electrical at 75/120 ohms

The Probe SMT1-63 and its audio processing module DSP 63 enables the analysis of signaling and audio of a STM-1 link with interface both optical as electrical at 75 ohm.

The connection is made in high impedance without affecting the functionality of the link, independently of the Probe presence, or in intrusive mode with exterior ByPass.

The SONDA STM1-63 is connected to a Server using TCP/IP for the analysis of irregular traffic conditions in the Points of Interconnect (POI) between carriers. It works along the DSP 63 module for the analysis of secondary DTMF signaling in every audio channel within every E1 of the link.

It has the ability to process up to 64 bi-directional data links within the STM-1.

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