Real Time Analysis and Blocking over SS7 for Fraud Control Systems

Cibertec offers the BK7 system, which allows Telecom operators to perform real time blocking of fraudulent calls with minimal hardware and no need to deploy expensive and bulky intrusive audio probes.

The BK7 systems is a plug-in module of Cibertec's Traffic Surveillance System (TSS), but it can also be used stand alone, in combination with third-party Fraud Management Systems that do not have this capability.

This is a platform designed for real time network protection, by means of SS7 signaling analysis at level of the interconnection links. It has the capacity to shield your PSTN from illegal traffic by instantaneously eliminating suspicious calls generated or received from numbers declared as fraudulent according to the Telecom's FMS. Also it can be used to release those calls generated by numbers outside of the PSTN's numbering plan (Internal Fraud Control). The system is based in Real Time information taken from signaling messages traveling through network matrix topology.

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