Bypass Detection


The SCOT is a flexible and scalable and provides you with the protection that your network needs against unfair local network operators who declare long distance and international traffic as local. The SCOT system captures those numbers and blocks them in real time, thus minimizing the losses that such calls cause your network.


The SCOT solution benefits the Telephone Companies in their business approach:

  • Stop international simple resale fraud.
  • Increase your profits by controlling and decreasing those international calls that are declared as local.
  • Flexible and scalable architecture that allows:
  • Adaptation for introduction of new services
  • Operational growth with increased customers
  • Real time call analysis.
  • Real time call release in fraud cases (BK7 module)
  • Aids in the making of business decisions through intuitive and easy to use reporting tools.
  • Maximize current revenues by renegotiating your agreements with interconnection Telcos based on your network analysis.
  • Minimize the detection time of fraud cases
  • Control what is going on in your PSTN.

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