Real Time CDRs Platform "LTSS"

A CDR (Call Detail Record) describes a call event on the network: start time, end time, calling number, called number and much more. Generally, CDRs are used as critical source material for customer billing. However, CDR analysis opens up new perspectives, such as identification of traffic patterns, subscriber behavior profiling, fraud detection and anticipation of possible customer churn. Thanks to the experience acquired over the years as a telecom solution developer, Cibertec has created the LTSS, which can collect, format, store and analyze CDRs from various sources. This system is used for optimizing network utilization, fine-tuning marketing campaigns, blocking fraudulent activity in real time and increasing customer loyalty.

LTSS Overview

The LTSS is Cibertec`s platform for CDR analysis. Built on Windows 2000 and SQL servers, the LTS System is a seamless integration of every single function you need to run an effective PTT billing process and accounting verification, together, with various applications like inter-operator and international administration accounting, fraud management, network monitoring, quality of service and revenue assurance.

There is virtually no limitation regarding implementation, operation and access to information; from a single-user PC to LAN, WAN, Intranet, Internet, home workers and multi-task operators. All you need is a simple browser, which will allow you to control everything, from anywhere in the world, in real time.

  • Acquires, analyzes and archives call detail records, gathering statistics to improve efficiency in: Billing and Accounting Verification, Fraud Control, Operation and Maintenance, Planning and Quality of Service.
  • Offers Real Time Centralized Traffic Monitoring with a modular architecture platform that gives a wide range of applications that can be managed in an independent way by the PTT departments.

Presents reports in real time, as well as historic traffic statistics, assisting in IAA reconciliation to improve accuracy and timeliness.

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